My name is James Webster, the founder and owner of Right Side Pundit. I’m an 18-year-old undergrad currently attending a local community college, planning to major in political science.

During the 2016 elections, I interned and worked for local candidates and the California Republican Party. I was the young volunteer phone banking and knocking on doors canvassing for local representatives. I’m also affiliated with and one of the founders of the College Republicans chapter at my junior college.

Politics has been a passion of mine ever since I discovered it back in 2012, during the presidential race. After watching the debates, I soon looked up issues and basic concepts as what the two parties stood for, and beliefs in political philosophy.

Obviously, Obama won his second term, but my personal love for politics wasn’t diminished. I soon took every political test online to see where which party represented my beliefs and where I stood on the political spectrum. Some of the online tests were very short, others very thorough.

Quiz after Quiz I ended up with the Republican party and right-wing. What does one do immediately after learning where their political ideology lies: find the icon on your side of the spectrum.

Enter: President Ronald Reagan. The man responsible for my political identity and love for any and everything politics.

Speech after speech, I was absolutely taken back as a young kid in what I found searching the archives on YouTube. It was then I realized why I didn’t exactly fit in with my generation and I was actually an old man trapped inside a kid’s body. God clearly made a mistake, I was supposed to have grown up in the ‘80s.

Flash forward a couple of years after arguing politics with friends and writing conservative papers to my liberal teachers in high school on purpose. I noticed many things upon my political awakening and growth.

America was headed in the wrong direction under Obama’s regime, establishment neocon “republicans” aren’t conservative at all and the disgusting, lying, filthy mainstream media is completely corrupt and in the pocket for the democrats.

The dinosaur print press and zombie-like anchors on television are losing their audience. The American people are slowly awakening and are coming around to the alternative media, the new media. The alternative media is not meant to be corporately controlled, we are the truth seekers in a world where the special interests really set the news agenda.

This brings me to why I wanted to finally throw my hat in the ring and enter the battle in the information war. For one, all these years of political opinion would be wasted, and a blog is the perfect way to capture my political opinions and thoughts growing up. Right Side Pundit is not a “news” site. In order to be news you need reporters that actually brake stories and not just echo what other news outlets have found.

Right Side Pundit is a blog where I give cultural commentary and political analysis. This is not fair or balanced nor have we ever claimed to be. Right Side Pundit is pro-free market, pro-patriotism, pro-liberty, pro-freedom and pro-American and we make absolute no apologies about it.