Obama, Hillary Refuse to Say “Christian” Over Sri Lankan Attacks

While there’s no question that the Left has become increasingly anti-Semitic, fueled by the rise of Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, their open-disdain for Christianity is nothing new.

Over the weekend, the recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka have left some 290 dead, and as per usual tragedy, politicians take to social media to give their thoughts and prayers.

The problem: many of the victims were Sri Lankan Christians attending Easter church services, and the attackers were radical Muslim terrorists.

Will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, (both former Democratic candidates for the presidency, one successful, one not so much) address the situation appropriately?

Of course not, we’re talking about Democrats. Let’s be more realistic, now.

“Christian” Is Now Equivalent to Saying Voldemort, the Left Prefers “Easter Worshippers”

In the name of political correctness and social justice for religious minorities, now Christians must not be named.

On this holy weekend of many faiths?

Why don’t we discuss the actual faiths in question, as Christians were practicing their faith peacefully and radical Muslim extremists violently attacked them for practicing that faith.

Those are the actual faiths in question.

Also, Hillary, I’m glad that you “stand united against hatred and violence”, but you’re not fooling anyone when you say you’re praying for the victims.

You don’t pray, and you’ll never be president.

Also note the term that nobody has ever heard of until now, Easter worshippers.

On Easter, Christians around the world commemorate the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We’re not worshipping “Easter”, for Christ’s sake.

And like a good Christian, Barrack Obama followed suit.

Fitting for a former president who omitted the words “under God” during his recital of the famous Gettysburg Address.

Credit where Credit’s Due

There are two Democratic candidates, Tulsi Gabbard and Beto O’Rourke,  that actually called Christians by their name, so in the name of fairness, here’s credit where credit is due.

Still no mention of radical Islam, though.

Because, you know, Islam is the religion of peace and never fosters terrorism.

Shhh. We just don’t talk about it.

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