5 Ways the NSA is Still Spying On You

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It’s not a secret anymore that the U.S National Security Agency (NSA) monitors every American Citizen and also citizens of some allied countries.

The NSA collects personal information with the backing of the U.S Government.

Contrary to popular belief that this has stopped, the NSA is still spying on you and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop anytime soon.

Here are 5 ways that the NSA spies on you.

Through Your Devices

The NSA has a hacking unit (Tailored Access Operations) that can break into your seemingly secure Smartphones and PCs as they see fit.

Some devices actually have in-built backdoors that allow the NSA to spy on you. You also regularly grant new apps permission to access your smartphone’s camera and microphone.

This can easily be exploited and the NSA actually exploits this. The NSA can use this to capture countless images of you and also tune in to your phone calls.

The Webcam on your PC also gives the NSA access to spy on you.

Through the Internet

While you might think that you are securely browsing the internet, viewing your favorite sites such as Facebook and Google, the NSA has found a way to access your data.

Leading technology companies over the years have been legally bound to turn their customer’s personal data over to the NSA based on the “PRISM Surveillance Program”.

Through Your location

As long as you are subscribed to a network on your phone, the NSA can easily access your location.

When you move around, your exact location can be triangulated using cell phone towers around you.

The NSA does not bother to gather this data themselves.

Rather, as cell phone providers are generally required to gather location data when the NSA has a subject of interest, they then mandate the cell phone providers by law to turn over all data relating to that subject.

However, millions of data are handed over to the NSA and yours could be part of it.

Not because you are under surveillance, but because you have the most insignificant connection to the subject of interest.

Through Your Spending

The NSA has access to payment gateways which you use when paying online, wire transfer facilities, and even credit card networks.

This gives the NSA information on where your money is coming from, and what exactly you are spending it on.

Through Your Phone Records

The NSA covert operation with the codename “Dishfire” collects millions of text message data on a regular basis.

The NSA also has access to your call records and can easily monitor and trace all your communication.

Although you might not be a suspect in any illegal activity, the NSA can still gather this data and use it to extract travel plans information, financial transactions, and so much more.

Not only do they gather this data, but they also share it with the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

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