Open Letter: Dear Mr. President, Don’t Let Us Down

Dear President Donald J. Trump,


Your vision for this country is one that I and millions of other Americans share.

As a loyal supporter of yours from the day you announced your candidacy, I deeply appreciate the newfound direction the nation has taken during your time in office.

There is no doubt that your victory in the 2016 presidential election will go down in history as a stunning upset to the political establishment.

Mr. President, one reason a political outsider such as yourself was elected to the Oval Office was due to Americans’ frustration and anger towards the corrupt political class.

Mr. President, I believe some mistakes have been made during your presidency, namely by those who you have placed trust in advising you.

Many of your cabinet members work for the Washington Elite, the political establishment that simply does not care for the forgotten men and women of this country.

We campaigned to Make America Great Again, but in order to accomplish that goal, the swamp needs to be drained.

In the media, we refer to those in the executive branch that attempt to undermine you and your presidency as the ‘deep state‘.

Mr. President, you need to purge these deep state actors.

You campaigned on draining the swamp, and the swamp is still out to undermine your presidency at ever turn.

Please be careful, they are corrupt and powerful, they will stop at nothing.

Mr. President, you also campaigned on building a great wall on our Southern border.

It was a key issue during the campaign and a reason many in your base decided to vote for you.

It is quite a shame that the Democrats have shut down the government over border security, which is a national security issue.

Please hold steadfast in your promise to the American people.

In order to make America great again, we need to make America safe again. A wall will do just that.

If you continue to fight for us, we will continue to fight for you.

Stay strong, for the American people. We’re counting on you.



A Concerned Citizen

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