10 Best Trump Tweets of 2018

There is no doubt that when it comes to Twitter, Donald Trump is the king.

His personal Twitter handle, @RealDonaldTrump, has over 55 million followers and is known to offend snowflakes and those in the media who claim he doesn’t act presidential.

Here are the best tweets the president sent out in 2018:

This list is in no particular order.

1) Fake News Awards

As promised, President Trump delivered on his fake news awards for the previous year.

While the link takes the viewer to an article on the GOP’s website, there are many more examples of fake news the president did not point out.

2) North Korea, My Nuclear Button is BIGGER

This was before Kim Jong Un and President Trump met at their historic summit.

Remember the anxiety the world had over nuclear war? Trump never backed down.

 3) ‘Lovers’ Lisa Page and Peter Strzok 

President Trump understands the contempt his own government has for him.

The deep state will stop at nothing to derail his agenda.

4) Election Night Coverage Montage

Not a single person in the media thought Donald Trump would win, which is what made victory even more sweet.

I usually watch these on Youtube when I go to sleep. It never gets old.

5) Standing Strong Against Iran

Caps or no caps this was a message that needed to be sent.

6) Addressing Social Media Censorship

Thank the Lord that the president stands with us on this one.

Conservatives are being censored everyday on social media, and the media refuses to cover it.

7) Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren)

Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test to prove her ancestry, that showed she is 1/1024th Native-American.

Her ridicule is only fitting.

8) Trolling Iran with Sanctions

Well, that’s one way to announce sanctions. Game of Thrones, anyone?

9) Adam ‘Schitt’

Don’t believe for a second that was a typo.

He’s a master of nicknames: Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted.

And now: Adam Schitt.

10) Endorsing Pelosi as Speaker

Of course he wasn’t actually congratulating her here.

The president understands that Pelosi is a bumbling baboon that makes her party look bad, hence his “support” for her.

Best Re-Tweet of 2018

It’s bold action, such as re-tweeting this, that makes Trump connect with his base.

No other politician, certainly no previous president, would have ever even considered this.

Note that the following week after re-tweeting this, at President Bush 41’s funeral service, President Trump literally sat next to three of the people in the picture: Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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