Why I Don’t Care About Trump’s ‘Tone’

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Let Trump be Trump.

This was what former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had advised. And make no mistake, this advice carried Donald J. Trump to the helm of the American presidency.

Whether you love him or hate him, nobody can deny that Trump is quite a colorful character, it’s part of what had millions of Americans consumed by his rallies.

He’s been an entertainer for decades and certainly knows how to attract attention.

Repeatedly we’ve been told, on the campaign trail and even now in the Oval Office, that Trump puts his foot in his mouth and crosses the line from time to time.

He doesn’t hold back, a trait his supporters admire and his critics despise.

I don’t agree with everything the man’s said, nor endorse how he’s worded and approached certain issues.

But this is one topic I’m sick and tired of discussing. His tone.

I don’t care about his tone. I really don’t.

The Movement

Trump’s tone is highly controversial, it’s the biggest problem people have with him.

Frankly speaking, this is why most people who dislike Trump dislike him.

What many fail to realize is that this demeanor is what helped propel him to the presidency, on his first serious attempt, despite having no political or military background.

That’s a major historical accomplishment even liberals can’t argue with.

Even such, his presidency has been extremely polarizing, with Americans either loving or hating his style.

Detractors claim he’s an asshole, a monster, a vile man with a temper. And this is usually where the argument begins, with liberals on the offensive and conservatives playing defense.

While I can spend my time debating example after example, the more pressing question is so what?

Let’s assume Trump is a monster, a narcissistic clown-like character that has offended you in every way imaginable. Who cares? 

Yes, the American presidency carries tremendous weight in the international community. And yes, tone does matter.

But getting caught up in every comment, gesture and mannerism is missing the bigger picture.

Trump is part of a populist revolt, one that demands power back to the people and away from the Washington elite.

This is a movement to make our country great again and even Trump admits the movement is bigger than himself.

That’s why instead of saying I, he used we, the American people, forty-five times in his inaugural speech.

Americans don’t care about tone, we want shit done. We’re sick and tired of failed promises from career politicians who pander to special interests.

To spend ample amount of time criticizing the president’s tone, even if valid in some cases, is to turn a blind eye to larger movement.

We don’t support Trump because of his tone, we support him despite it. It’s not a real issue for us.

The make America great again movement wants our borders secure, fair trade deals, good paying jobs and leadership on the world stage that prioritizes America first.

Liberal activists, Hollywood and the corporate-controlled media can be enraged all they want; the people simply don’t care.

Think about this: The President of the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the history of the world, called certain countries shit-holes.

And guess what, I really couldn’t care less.

Debunking the ‘Presidential’ Argument

He’s the president! He needs to act presidential.

All this talk of not being ‘presidential’ has left me asking: how do we define presidential?

Lying to the public?

Reading a teleprompter?

Smiling for the camera?

If that’s presidential then I don’t want my presidents acting like presidents anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to demean the prestige of the office. I simply don’t want corrupt and evil people, who may sound great, occupying the presidency.

We should no doubt elect officials qualified and capable for the hardest job on the planet, but I’m done with politics as usual.

Did it look presidential when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace over Watergate?

Did it look presidential when Bill Clinton admitted to the country that he lied about a blowjob from an intern?

What about when George H.W. Bush puked all over the Japanese Prime Minister?

Or when Bush 43 messed up by claiming Nelson Mandela was dead? When no, he hadn’t died yet, and no, Saddam Hussein didn’t kill him.

How about Barack Obama literally bowing to the Saudis? Or his entire apology tour for that matter?

Real presidential stuff right there.

This all begs the question, what are the codes of conduct to being President of the United States?

There’s only one reoccurring theme to how all previous presidents have conducted themselves. Today we refer to it as political correctness, and it’s absolute garbage.

PC culture is partly why President Trump was elected. People are tired of being told what they should or shouldn’t say because it offends certain groups of people.

These are the same people that believe we should no longer say ‘merry Christmas’ but rather ‘happy holidays’ and that we shouldn’t assume another person’s gender.

These snowflakes have created an outrage culture, where every tiny microaggression is deemed highly offensive due to an angry mob-like mentality.

Trump is surely unconventional, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

He has no problem calling fake news the enemy of the people and demanding other nations pay their fair share, specifically so-called allies.

President Trump may receive strange looks in the international community, but he doesn’t owe other nations his allegiance. He doesn’t work for the elite, he works for the American people.

To President Trump, it’s America first, the way it should’ve always been.

He talks in a blue-collar language to the forgotten men and women of this country. He isn’t polished but he is genuine. Something we can’t say for most politicians.

No other president in modern history has been this way. All of that is completely new and unfamiliar territory.

And I love it. I don’t care if he offends you.

What about Twitter?

This is another major concern the public has over this President.

Objectively speaking, Twitter played a huge role in getting Donald Trump elected. His Twitter feed is one of the best, with 55 million followers.

It’s 2018. If you think the president shouldn’t use social media to directly communicate to the American people, then you probably don’t understand the relevance of modern-day technology.

If everything about the presidency was filtered through the media you would hear and read nothing but terrible things about this administration.

More than 90% of media coverage of Trump has been negative. 

No wonder so many people have such hostility this administration. That’s an astonishingly high number.

Do you really trust the media to accurately cover the Trump White House? They slander and lie about President Trump every day.

Those who rightfully despise the biased left-wing media have no place to complain about Trump’s Twitter feed.

I don’t need to read false reports from CNN to know what President Trump’s up to, I can simply check his Twitter.

Or Facebook, or website, or any alternative platform the administration communicates through.

He’s speaking directly to the American people, unfiltered and uncensored. Something Trump’s base should fully support.

Despite whether you agree with the tone of certain tweets, this was a vital platform for the past election and soon for 2020.

But his tweets get him in trouble!

Calling other people names and settling personal disputes is of no major concern to national security, focus on what the administration is actually doing.

Is it petty? Is it Childish?

In some cases maybe.

We constantly miss important political events by focusing on minor yet sensational insults from a president who is constantly attacked by the media.

He’s bitter, and he has every right to be. President Trump’s trying to fix the mess he’s been handed and he can’t catch a break. From almost everyone.

I’ve read many of his tweets thinking: yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have sent that one off.

But angry late-night tweeting isn’t enough for me unfollow the president’s effective and direct channel to the public.

And if it weren’t for his Twitter account we wouldn’t have covfefe. And that’d be a shame.

The Trade Off

Remember: No one is perfect, and life is nothing but a trade off.

If I had it my way: sure, President Trump would have a better ‘tone.’

But the reason myself and others support the man is because we don’t care about his rhetoric, silly gestures and unconventional means of communication.

Millions of Americans support him because we support the agenda.

We didn’t vote for him because he made us feel comfortable.

We didn’t vote for him because he speaks diplomatically.

Those issues never even crossed the minds of farmers in the mid-west and working class Americans living in the rust-belt.

Is it possible President Trump could change tone and approach topics more lightly?

Sure, but I’d rather have a president doing right by this country, who may offend others at times, than an politician who can’t lead a nation.

If we were to review presidents based on how polished they sounded, Barack Obama was surely one of the best.

And we all know that’s laughable.

I think Obama was a terrible president because he presided over a sluggish economy and made America much, much weaker on the international stage. On top of many other reasons.

It had nothing to do with his statements and style.

In fact, Barry was cool, he had style. He gave phenomenal speeches and charisma flowed through the man’s veins.

Yet that doesn’t change the fact that he was an awful president, terrible in every way imaginable.

And this same logic needs to be applied to every president, regardless of political party, regardless of how professional they sound. They all need to be held to the same standard.

At the end of the day, I find myself having to defend what President Trump has said, rather than what he has done.

Which is a real shame because nobody can dispute his accomplishments.

We need to stop focusing on his statements and focus on his actions that directly affect all of us, something liberals should agree with.

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. I don’t care how insensitive the president comes across.

I voted for him to get the job done, not to be a statesman.

I’d love to have my cake and eat it too. But right now, Donald Trump is the most honest and courageous politician we have.

So I’m not going to sit here and nitpick his tone. 

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