2018 Midterm Fallout: Trump vs. Pelosi?

The 2018 midterms came and went, with the end result being: Trump vs. Pelosi?

The night actually went as expected: Republicans kept the Senate and Democrats took the House.

In the House, Democrats currently have gained 28 seats, with Republicans losing up to a possible 34 seats in total.

However, Republicans have officially gained 2 seats in the Senate, retaining their majority at 51 seats (with as many of 54).

If you thought the gridlock was bad before, you’re in for a real treat now that the Democrats hold a body of congress.

These are the same Democrats that hate and despise this president and will oppose his agenda vigorously.

They’re obstructionists, as the president accurately put it.

This was NOT a Blue Wave

It’s utterly laughable that the media hyped up this midterm election to be a blue wave.

It wasn’t. Not even close.

For historical context: In 2010 (not too long ago) the Republicans gained a whopping 63 seats in the House of Representatives, taking the majority.

This was the largest seat change since 1948, and the largest for any midterm election since 1938.

What did that tell us? Conservatives all across this country were pissed off at Obama’s disastrous policies and embarrassing leadership.

The Tea Party led a red wave against the Democrats and Obama, it was a referendum.

That’s not what took place on Tuesday.

Sure, the Democrats made progress by taking over the House, a feat that will definitely derail President Trump’s agenda. But Republicans, not only keeping, but gaining seats in the Senate proved that any backlash against Trump wasn’t universal across the country.

In fact, it’s practically unprecedented for a sitting president’s party in a midterm election.

President Trump noted this to be the case by tweeting:

Will Pelosi be Speaker of the House? 

Oh God help us.

It comes as no shocker that Nancy Pelosi has already announced her bid for House Speaker.

While she may seem like an obvious shoo-in, Several of the newly elected Democrats have stated they would oppose her nomination as Speaker of the House.

And why wouldn’t they? She’s been in Washington for decades and probably has dementia. The woman has mentioned Trump as President Bush several times.

Conservatives rightfully view her as a bumbling buffoon and the progressive left is no fan of hers either.

Trolling her, Trump announced his support for her candidacy:

In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!

One thing is certainly guaranteed with a Democratic House. They’re going after Trump.

It’s what they promised voters, and electorally, they’d be foolish not to follow up on those promises. Even if they fall short.

Democrats will now be able to block proposed legislation before it can get to the Republican-controlled Senate, so conservative legislation will be tough to pass for the next two years.

And make no mistake, House Democrats will subpoena Trump’s tax returns. And if they had their way, they’d impeach the president.

Since the Senate is still in GOP control, impeachment is extremely unlikely but never put it past liberals to try.

Will there be compromise and bipartisanship between Trump’s Republican party and the Democrats?

Highly unlikely at best.

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