Why is the Media Glowing Over Kim Jong Un’s Sister?

The leftist media is now glowing over Kim Jong Un’s sister, who’s part of an authoritarian regime that enslaves it’s people.

Her name is Kim Yo Jong and she’s become an increasingly prominent figure in her brother’s government. Simply by being a member of the North Korean ruling family.

One that hasn’t been killed off by her brother.

She’s received some attention over the last few days due to reunification of North and South Korea for the Winter Olympics.

But leave it to the media to openly and brazenly swoon over her.

Kim Jong Un’s sister is not some star that we should be in awe of.

This isn’t some Kardashian we’re talking about, she’s part of a maniacal regime that starves, tortures and brutally oppresses it’s people.

By humanizing the Kim family, the regime itself is being normalized.

The Proof is in the Headlines:

Headlines from the mainstream media have nothing but nice things to say about Rocket Man’s sister.

Maybe they are the Communist News Network after all?

Now, I’m probably not the biggest fan of Ivanka Trump, but that comparison is appalling and inappropriate, to say the least.

Charm offensive? Swagger and smiles? How pathetic.

And it’s not just the leftist media, it seems as though leftists themselves have no problems with applauding mass murderers. As long as it makes Trump and Pence look bad.

Jeet Heer, Senior Editor of the New Republic tweeted:

Do you realize how massively you have to fuck up so that Kim Jong Un’s family looks good by comparison? But Trump and Pence pulled it off.

There is no comparison here, this is a communist authoritarian regime, one of the very few left on planet earth since the Cold War.

Do you realize how massively stupid you have to be to compare the Kim family to the Trump administration?

The Hostility in the Air

The 2018 Winter Olympics officially kicked off on Friday, and in the Opening Ceremony on Friday, we saw a bit of controversy with the response to teams entering the stadium.

Multiple reports indicated that while the two only sat several feet away from each other, they completely avoided looking directly at each other.

White House officials stressed that Pence had applauded only for the American team, but many think the vice president’s refusal to stand could be seen as disrespectful to the hosts.

The hostility in the air is real, and that’s because we in the West are no friends with murderous thugs.

The fact that the media openly praises Kim Jong Un’s sister in favor of bashing Trump is truly a new low, even by the media’s standards.

This groveling and praise of Kim Jong Un’s sister is disgusting, it’s something I’ve never seen before.

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