The Left Created the Alexandria Shooter

On Wednesday, a lone gunman went on a rampage against GOP officials practicing for their Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia.

This sick man struck four people, including Steve Scalise, whip of the House of Representatives.

The Congressman were practicing at the field for a baseball game against the Democrats, something which has been a nearly hundred year tradition.

Yes, despite the media downplaying this key factor: this was politically motivated.

This evil person was a left wing nut-job who supported Bernie Sanders and despised Donald Trump (but more on why that matters later).

Two brave law enforcement heroes were wounded as they exchanged fire with the gunman and eventually ended his sad pathetic life.

The Right Side Pundit does not mention names of murderers or show their faces. We believe that gives these people exactly what they want.

The critically wounded Steve Scalise is currently undergoing more surgery because of this matter.

Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Scalise in the hospital, and as the president himself stated, “He’s in some trouble.”

The Left Created this Monster

Oh yes, we’re going to go there. But you shouldn’t politicize this issue!

Really leftists? Let me get this straight:

One of your guys politically targeted and tried to assassinate our guys due to your hateful and vile rhetoric. I can’t bring up politics in a politically motivated assassination attempt? Watch me.

Of course I’m not blaming every liberal, but make no mistake, the left has created an environment where this is acceptable.

The sheer amount of hatred and contempt from those who are anti-Trump, anti-Republican and anti-American has never been so mainstream before.

If you are a Trump supporter, you are being targeted and assaulted for your beliefs. If you’re anything to right of Marx, you’re a fascist.

Recent examples of liberal hatred and violence:


  • Kathy Griffin beheading a fake Donald Trump mask, paying tribute to Isis, and then crying wolf and claiming she was actually bullied.


  • The recent Julius Ceaser Broadway play in which a Trump look-alike is murdered on stage, despite Donald Trump looking absolutely nothing like Julius Ceaser.



I could go on and on, but why? We all know this to be a fact.

Liberals are not tolerant nor are they peaceful. They sure talk a good game but when they lose all power, they resort to every socialists’ dream: violence.

You can’t riot in the streets, call for assassinations, stir fake news, and lie and slander, without there being serious consequences.

The left’s call for violence by any means necessary to stop our current president has given inspiration to left wingers to disrupt as much as possible.

It’s the reason why we almost had a massacre on Wednesday.

But I’m sure you’ve heard all of that before, it’s red meat for conservatives. This is a problem we know all too well and has become normalized in the mainstream.

It shouldn’t be normalized, we shouldn’t be content when conservatives are being assaulted for their beliefs by left wing thugs.

The Connection Between the Left and Terrorism

This is now another incident in which the shooter was a Bernie-supporting leftist.

Trump was forced to disavow David Duke, Bernie Sanders and any other politician be held to the same standards. But the left doesn’t play by the same rules, they’re hypocrites.

He already has disavowed this attack, which is good, credit where credit is due. Yet the media never harps on the left to disavow everything under the sun that is loosely connected to their name.

Enough with the liberal double standards. Rules apply to us all or they apply to none, but they DO NOT just apply to your preferred ideology.

The Clinton News Network still hasn’t corrected the statements from an interview that the GOP shooter “wasn’t evil.” He only had political grievances.

No, why can’t we ever call a spade a spade? Why is everything so damn politically correct.

This man was socialist that hated conservatives and tried to assassinate sitting GOP members of congress. That’s an evil act from an evil man, no other way around it.

I don’t care what you believe, in fact you can dislike this president all you want, but violence is never acceptable. The left created this monster, just as they created the entitlement generation and social justice warriors.

Leftist rhetoric is insane and anti-American. They have created such a toxic political environment that idiots actually believe Trump is Hitler and that he will bring about World War III.

This is the single most hated president in American history. No other man has ever been so vilified and misunderstood from ignorant people.

I think Don Jr. put it best:

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