America First: Trump Exits Paris Climate Accord

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

After days of speculation, President Trump announced in the Rose Garden on Thursday his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

As usual, conservatives rejoice while liberals honestly believe the president is effectively destroying the planet.

After announcing his decision, the president also stated that the administration will begin working either to re-enter the agreement or to craft an entirely new agreement more economically favorable to the U.S.

President Trump argued that the agreement is less about helping the climate, and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.

The president noted two countries in particular, China and India, that have clear advantages from the deal while the United States would be hit hard economically.

“For example, under the agreement, China will be able to increase these emissions by a staggering number of years — 13. They can do whatever they want for 13 years. Not us. India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid from developed countries.”

President Trump made it very clear in his speech that America’s contribution, and the entire agreement for that matter, would be minuscule and pointless.

In fact, 14 days of carbon emissions from China alone would wipe out the gains from America, and this is an incredible statistic, would totally wipe out the gains from America’s expected reductions in the year 2030, after we have had to spend billions and billions of dollars, lost jobs, closed factories, and suffered much higher energy costs for our businesses and for our homes.

In other words, this was just another left-wing globalist deal with more restrictions on the U.S. that other nations could take advantage of.

Why this Deal was Never a Good Idea

  • According to one report, “the Paris climate accord could cost the U.S. economy $3 trillion and 6.5 million industrial sector jobs by 2040…”


  • According to the Chamber of Commerce, four industrial states would’ve been hit the hardest:
    • Michigan’s GDP would shrink by 0.8 percent and employment would contract by 74,000 jobs.
    • Missouri’s GDP would shrink by 1 percent. Ohio’s GDP would contract 1.2 percent.
    • Pennsylvania’s GDP would decline by 1.8 percent and the state would lose 140,000 jobs.


  • By United Nations calculations, “there would only be a 0.3 degree decline in temperature over the next century, meaning that global warming would only be postponed for ‘less than four years,'” and that’s only if all nations were to abide by the accord!

Reactions from the Left

Just like the travel ban, the left is freaking out over what Trump has already told us he would do once in office.

The ACLU called the move an “an assault on communities of color.”

Leave it up the geniuses at the ACLU to conflate climate change with charges of racism.

The liberal stooges over at the garbage Huffing Post ran the headline “TRUMP TO PLANET: DROP DEAD”.

But where does victory feel sweet and the pain felt most? The international community.

French President Emmanuel Macron urged Trump several times to reconsider his position on climate change, and has welcomed American scientists to assist France in the fight against climate change.

Upon Trump’s announcement he also took to Twitter for this not so subtle jab:

In a swift rebuke of Trump’s decision, the leaders of France, Germany and Italy stated the agreement cannot be renegotiated.

That was never going to change Trump’s mind, no agreement is better than one in which other countries use us.

The international community is shocked because that’s just how it’s been for quite sometime, America is always there to be the world’s policeman and to pay for and fix other countries’ problems.

Generosity is great, but it’s time we start looking out for our own people. By electing Donald Trump, we the American people, sent a strong signal that we reject globalism and that it’s time to put America first.

By pulling out of this horrendous deal, President Donald Trump has kept his promise and has put America first.

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