Whistleblower: Obama Knowingly Released MS-13 Gang Members

The Obama Administration knowingly let in at least 16 admitted MS-13 gang members in 2014, all of whom entered the U.S. as teenagers, according to the The Washington Times.

Just when you though the former administration couldn’t possibly be more criminal!

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee recently reveled that this information was discovered by a whistleblower who turned over documents.

The documents showed more than a dozen apprehended illegal alien teenagers were released by the Obama Administration and were shipped to juvenile homes throughout the country.

Keep in mind that these 16 illegal alien teenagers all admitted to authorities they were MS-13 members. Yet they were still released.

Absolutely disgusting. But what else would you expect from a criminal administration?

For those who don’t know, MS-13 began in Los Angeles in the 1980s but since has become transnational with a heavy presence in Central America.

They have become one of the most powerful and ruthless gangs to date. Today, the Justice Department estimates roughly 30,000 members worldwide and more than 10,000 in the U.S.

Yet the incompetency of the Obama administration led them to be released back into the public so they can further cause nothing but the most heinous crime and destruction.

These are the illegal thugs that need to deported, pronto.

More Proof Massive Immigration Hurts the U.S.

The gang members were part of the surge of UAC, or “unaccompanied alien children.”

UAC numbers in 2014 overwhelmed the Obama administration and left Homeland Security struggling to staunch the flow from Central America.

However, Sen. Johnson pointed out that image behind UAC being small children is misleading.

Between 2012 to 2016, out of nearly 200,000 UAC apprehended, 68% were ages 15, 16 or 17, older teens! The majority were also male, targets for gang recruiting.

Sen. Johnson also stated:

“[Customs and Border Protection] apprehended them, knew they were MS-13 gang members, and they processed and disbursed them into our communities,”

Gangs prey upon young impressionable immigrants and exploit them into a life a crime. The UAC surge does nothing but help numbers for MS-13 and other gangs in the U.S.

While whistleblowers can potentially harm national security, this should be good news right?

Nope, at least not for the Democrats who coddle illegal immigrants and want to treat them better than we do our veterans.

Idiotic Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) criticized the release of the documents, indicating it may hurt active investigations with, “I have concerns that these documents were released so quickly.”

Liberal logic: worry about leaks rather than the criminal content inside of them. Typical Democrat thinking.

The New Administration Has Different Plans

(Jeff Sessions by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

Unlike Obummer, the Trump administration has no plans of being friendly with these punks.

MS-13 has recently gotten more press than usual. In April 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that MS-13 could qualify as a terrorist organization.

Recent murders across the U.S. in cities such as Houston and New York led Sessions to focus his attention and the resources of the federal government to combat these sick people.

Sessions has taken a strong stance against the terror group, and rightly so.

“The MS-13 motto is kill, rape and control. I have a message to the gangs that are targeting our young people: We are targeting you. We are coming after you.”

Thank the Lord Obama is no longer in office. This kind of crap should never be tolerated.

Obama was one of the worst presidents in American history. Here is evidence his administration openly allowed gang members that terrorize innocent citizens back out on the streets.

Go get em’ Sessions! The American people surely stand behind you.

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