Media Blackout: The Untold Murder of Seth Rich

By Erik Pacheco

The mainstream media has been riddled with Russian conspiracy theories as of lately.

After all, an investigation usually only happens when evidence of a crime is found. However, a crime hasn’t been committed, and evidence hasn’t been found.

Calls for a special prosecutor only make sense if there is something to prosecute – which so far, there isn’t.

If you cut past the hysteria of CNN’s headlines, what does “meddling in the election” mean?

It means ‘hacking’ the DNC, and releasing John Podesta’s emails. This was the entirety of ‘Russia’s meddling’, to which Trump is somehow accused.

Now, the most stirring part of all this – it’s all false. 

One man single handedly destroys the entire Russia narrative, and his name was Seth Rich.

Who was Seth Rich?

Rich was a DNC IT technician, who tragically was killed during a ‘robbery gone wrong’ in D.C.

D.C. Police concluded that it was a robbery regardless of the fact that nothing was taken from him. Weeks later and barren of an investigation, the revelation that Seth was part of the Clinton campaign surfaced.

The last two weeks of his life were spent with the Clinton camp. Seth served as an IT technician helping to run and maintain Clinton’s servers and team servers, along with helping to run some of the back-end of Clinton’s domains.

Insider sources say that’s where he found evidence of Clinton’s corruption and met with a member of the FBI in an attempt to alert authorities.

Sadly, he died a few days later.

Recent revelations began 2 months ago when WikiLeaks tweeted that their source for the DNC emails was Guccifer 2.0, who revealed his source to be a man named “Seth.”

In a conversation with an online flame, G2 told her about the impending leaks on the DNC and his fear for his source’s safety. 

Essentially, this would mean the narrative that Russia hacked the election, or more accurately the DNC, was false, and instead it was a leak by a man on the inside, Seth Rich.

Leaks from Podesta’s email server show an email sent via group chat that essentially states that all leakers must be made an example of, leading many to speculate that Seth’s murder was an attempt to stop the leak of the DNC’s emails.

In a recent book by Jonathan Allen, Shattered, it’s confirmed that Podesta and Robby Mook fabricated the theory that Russia hacked the DNC server and Podesta’s emails, meaning Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails.

It was a leak, not a hack. Calls for a special prosecutor and two special committees, both in the Senate and House are outdated, and need to be halted.

Even more recent revelations show that the Rich family were running a parallel investigation to the D.C. Polices’, and what their lead investigator found was stunning – emails from Seth to and from WikiLeaks, proving he was indeed the source of the DNC email leak.

Seth Died for this Knowledge

All the latter was purely factual, while what comes next is up to speculation. Was his death orchestrated by Clinton herself? Huma Abedin? John Podesta?

Perhaps with the firing of Director Comey, we may finally get answers.

If Secretary Clinton isn’t charged with any crime for this, perhaps her email investigation will be opened for a third and final time. 

The Russia narrative died on May 16th.

If Seth was the source of the emails, which is clearly proven by the evidence, then Russia took no part whatsoever in the 2016 election. This is a pivotal moment for the Trump Campaign, and America as a whole.

Seth Rich was a hero, he died for the truth, and led the way for Donald Trump to win the White House.

We are forever in his debt. As of May 16 and 17, #SethRich has been the #1 trending hashtag on both Twitter, and Facebook.

If the mainstream media won’t report on it, we will. Don’t let his name disappear, and soon hopefully everyone will know what really happened.


UPDATE: The Rich family gave a small contradictory statement to their previous one, however, the statement was given through a DNC spokesperson which seems odd because the Richs’ initial statement seemed to implicate that the Democratic National Committee had conspired to murder Seth, which is clearly proven by the facts. Also, the story caught some traction on FOX News with Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends amid interest. The reward for info pertaining to his death has now reached 500k.

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