Review: Michael Savage’s ‘Trump’s War: His Battle for America’

Michael Savage outlines the upcoming battles that will face the Trump administration, in his latest book, Trump’s War: His Battle for America.

This is the author’s 26th book, and it’s topping The New York Times best-seller list, beating both former President George W. Bush and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Michael Savage is man that needs no introduction to for this blog. He’s one of the most outspoken giants in conservative talk radio.

Today coincidentally is Savage’s birthday, making him 75 years old. He’s lived quite a life and has many accomplishments under his belt, including this new book.

Savage spent much of 2016 endorsing candidate Trump’s campaign and motivating undecided voters. Donald Trump himself was a frequent guest on the show.

Even though Dr. Savage stated God’s hands were all over the victory of President Trump, he knew we’d still have a long ways to go in order to restore this nation.

Electing Trump president was an important first step, but Trump still has wars to face. Which brings us to the book:

What Trump’s War is All About

“Trump’s War: His Battle for America,” is almost a Trump manifesto if you will.

If you’re a Trump supporter, you’ll read this and shake your head in agreement throughout. For non-Trump supporters, this book will be as though you’re reading some foreign language.

You really have to have been part of the movement or a recent convert to understand the appeal and uphill struggles the new president will have to face.

Michael Savage outlines the upcoming battles that were not decided on November 8th, 2016, battles we still have yet to face.

Even I said this: the real war for the heart and soul of this country has just begun. Don’t think for a second that just because Donald Trump is our 45th President that everything will be okay, because it won’t be.

The entire establishment, neocons, RINOs, leftists, globalists, the New World Order, corporatists, big banks and everyone associated with the elites is out to get him.

Trump’s war for America is our war for America, and we should root him on every step of the way. Not through blind loyalty, but through considerate optimism.

Savage outlines Trump’s war with:

  • The Economy
  • Repealing Obamacare
  • Restoring Our Borders
  • Defeating the War Machine
  • Restoring the Military
  • Restoring Our Culture
  • Defeating the RINOs
  • Restoring Real Science
  • Defending the First Amendment
  • Defending the Second Amendment
  • Defeating the Deep State

If you are a Trump supporter, (I assume you are if you’re reading this) and any of those interest you, I highly recommend Trump’s War.

Interesting Points from Savage

Savage makes excellent points in each chapter. Here were the highlights for me personally:

Savage wants taxes cut and withdrawal from NAFTA, Trump campaign promises, but he also brings up another good point: private investment for infrastructure, an idea I could get behind.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a work from Dr. Savage without talk of borders. He talks about taking on sanctuary cities, exactly what Texas Gov. Abbott is doing right now.

Don’t think that Trump’s War is for all right wingers though. He calls out the fakes like weasel Paul Ryan in the Republican party, also the neocon ventriloquists.

Having studied the sciences, Savage also talks about what he dubs real science. He talked to Trump in person at Mar-a-Lago about this. 

He differentiates conservationism and environmentalism, something which most conservatives never do.

Another excellent point he makes is how research and funding is rigged to support the theory of climate change. That’s a point most fail to realize in the entire debate.

And lastly in what I found fascinating, is Savage’s discussion of the deep state and surveillance state. The deep state as we now know has been working against Trump.

The entire book goes at length about fake news and the concerted effort to undermine the new administration. All of which we are seeing today, are we not?

Final Verdict

What you see, in this case hear, is what you get.

Michael Savage is not some pseudo-intellectual academic that speaks in grandiose terms in precise articulate composition.

He’s a real guy. If you like what his lively performance on radio you’re sure to love this.

It’s written and reads like all of his books. That gives it an authentic feel. No ghostwriters here.

I also recommend this if you were apart of, or just recently hopped on the Trump train. This is a fantastic read and understanding of the current political climate.

Another great publication from Savage, a personal inspiration of mine. This is an enjoyable read that I can’t recommend it enough.

And who knows, maybe we’ll all reference this book in the years ahead when we ask ourselves if Trump won his wars.

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