The Sad Story of Ryancare

(GOP Healthcare Bill: DOA by Mike Licht, licensed under CC BY 4.0)

I bring you good news and bad news.

Good news: Ryancare is officially dead.

Bad news: Obamacare stays, for now.

Here’s the quick timeline for this monstrosity known as the American Health Care Act.

Republican leadership, with it’s new-found power, decided Obamacare was on the chopping block. No surprise there.

It would’ve looked quite ridiculous attempting to repeal Obamacare under Obama, yet not repeal it with a Republican majority and Republican president.

So, House Speaker Paul Ryan unveils the American Health Care Act.

Also known as Ryancare. Or Obamacare 2.0.

The bill was terrible. While RINOs and the GOP establishment revered the new legislation, Trump supporters and real conservatives were not having it.

The Congressional Budget Office found that it would leave 24 million fewer people with insurance coverage by the year 2026.

It kept the worst aspects of Obamacare. It kept the Cadillac tax, the individual mandate, and the subsidies for Insurance companies.

I said in my last post about Ryancare, “This has big pharma and lobbyist greed written all over it.”

Senator Mike Lee broke it down like this:

“It doesn’t repeal the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. It doesn’t repeal the Obamacare regulations that drive up the cost of premiums. But it does create a brand-new spending program whose size and cost are entirely unclear.”

Congressman Mo Brooks, another fellow Republican, had nothing good to say about it either:

“I am going to vote against [Ryancare] because it is one of the worst bills I have seen in my 30 years as a county commissioner, legislator, district attorney and now congressman. It’s very very bad.”

Well, things at this point were looking very, very bad.

The divide over the bill became apparent. Opposition was most notably from the Freedom Caucus.

The president and weasel Paul Ryan did there best to negotiate over a number of days with the opposition, despite it seeming to go nowhere.

The bill was due for a vote Thursday, but Ryan and others knew they didn’t have the votes to back it. There were too many Democrats and Republican defectors (real conservatives).

Trump grew tired of the confusion and negotiation, and on Thursday night dropped the ultimatum: vote on it Friday, and if it fails Obamacare stays.

Again, this is a pro-Trump blog, but I don’t agree with his decision on this. Health care is not something you can reform in just two months at the beginning of a new presidency.

President Trump, by making the situation all or nothing, only heightened the contention.

Come Friday it was due or die. All or nothing.

Speaker Paul Ryan, after being the architect and leading this fight, knew on Friday it simply wasn’t going to happen, and finally pulled the bill.

(Paul Ryan by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

Different Ways to Interpret this Situation

First and foremost President Trump and Paul Ryan should never have gone first with health care reform first.

Everyone agrees on repeal but not replace. Trump and the Republicans should’ve started out with tax cuts, or other legislation easily agreeable on. Health care was simply too disputable.

It was probably better than Obamacare, but that’s really not saying much. I’m personally somewhat relieved this didn’t go through.

On the bright side, this massive failure was only the accumulation of two months. The idiot Republicans could’ve spent more time on this and failed. Two months in the grand scheme of a presidential term is not that much.

Also, this bill failing puts President Trump in a good position.

Sure, conservatives will complain Obamacare wasn’t repealed. But I don’t even want to imagine the outrage that would’ve ensued had Ryancare passed and ended up failing.

Had Ryancare passed, President Trump, and other Republicans for that matter, would’ve had a harder time getting reelected.

If anything, this battle revealed to the American people where everyone truly stands.

This revealed to the American people who the corporate globalist shills are, who put party before country, and who the true conservatives, libertarians and lovers of freedom are.

I’m sure liberals are happy, but Trump supporters are as well. Nobody wanted this crap.

And yes, I continue to put the blame solely on Ryan. Trump didn’t craft this, Ryan and big pharma did.

I’m also sick of hearing that this is Paul Ryan still learning to govern.

It’s simple, if he can’t do his job, he should step down! Don’t be the speaker if you can’t even get your legislation through your own party! No wonder there’s already chatter of replacing him.

Trump didn’t lose on Friday. Paul Ryan lost.

But most of all, the American people won. Amen to that.

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