North Korea Fails Latest Missile Launch

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Looks like the psychotic communists in North Korea are at it again.

North Korea launched several missiles early Wednesday morning. The problem: the launch failed and the missiles exploded within seconds.

This failure marks the latest in an ongoing series of North Korean weapon tests to scare its neighbors and raise tension.

If you haven’t been living under a rock (or in North Korea) then this story probably shouldn’t surprise you.

In fact earlier this month, North Korea fired four ballistic missiles into the sea off Japan’s northwest coast.

The initial reports of North Korea’s failed test on Wednesday came from Japan’s Kyodo news agency. Kyodo cited a Japanese government source saying North Korea launched several missiles from an area on its east coast.

Last year, North Korea launched several intermediate-range missiles from the same area but only one of the tests was successful. Most missile tests conducted from North Korea typically fail.

The launch comes as Joseph Yun, United States Special Representative for North Korea Policy, met his South Korean counterpart in Seoul to discuss a strategic response to the North’s weapon programs.

Last week the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Japan, South Korea and China, and the big topic discussed was how to deal with the North Korean threat that affects all of Asia.

On Friday, Tillerson said a policy of strategic patience with North Korea has now ended. All options, including military action, are now on the table if North Korea threatened South Korean or U.S. forces.

In defiance of U.N. resolutions, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and a series of missile launches since the beginning of last year.

The international community largely believes the DPRK is working to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach the United States.

The Threat Posed from North Korea

North Korea is one of America’s (and the West’s) biggest threats.

Sure, they’re laughable and nowhere near as powerful, but we can’t take them lightly, especially with their goal being that of a nuclear strike.

You can thank Bill Clinton, our most overrated president, for their acquiring of nuclear power.

North Korea is no joke: an absolute mad man is in charge over there.

And although liberals love to make that statement when referring to our new president, the real enemy is the last true totalitarian communistic government left from the Cold War.

And let’s not forget, also this week, North Korea released a propaganda video blowing up a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and bomber.

Kim Jong Un is a madman playing with fire as he has no idea what the consequences could be. The threat of North Korea is not discussed often enough.

Sure, they’re comedic with their over-the-top propaganda and outrageous statements. But this is what happens when a leftover country from the Cold War era is left isolated. They have a distorted view of the world and could easily ignite a real war any moment.

Many laughed when Trump’s response to handling the DPRK was through China, but like most things the President says, look deeper and you’d understand why.

China is their biggest trading partner, and if China were pressured enough, they could brake the spine in North Korea’s fragile and pathetic economy.

But that’s expecting one communist government to take a stand against another, just wishful thinking.

The problem with North Korea isn’t that they’re powerful, they’re not. It’s that they’re crazy.

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