Another Trump Supporter Targeted: Michael Savage Assaulted

Conservative talk radio host and Trump supporter Michael Savage was assaulted when leaving a restaurant in the Bay area Tuesday night.

If you haven’t heard of Michael Savage, he made headlines last month when he had an hour-long meeting over dessert with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

President Trump put his arm around Savage and said, “I wouldn’t be president without this man.” A pretty flattering comment, any radio host or news journalist would’ve been honored by a president saying that.

The two are friends and Savage has been a vocal Trump supporter. His latest book, “Trump’s War: His Battle for America” came out this Tuesday.

This latest attack is upsetting, to say the least.

The Incident Involving Michael Savage

Savage, the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Savage Nation, was dining solo with his little dog Teddy, when another patron began taunting him.

The man reportedly was screaming “Weiner, Weiner…” as an insult. The heckler was obviously referring to Michael’s legal name, Michael Alan Weiner.

So childish, what is this? Fifth grade?

As Savage was leaving the restaurant, the verbal abuse turned physical when the man shoved Savage to the ground.

He reportedly kicked Savage’s small poodle Teddy, before moving in on him. He then punched a man in the face that tried to stop his madness.

We still have no idea who this man’s name is. And when police arrived, nobody was arrested.

Michael Savage told Breitbart News on Thursday:

“It is clearly open season on prominent Trump supporters. The fascist left has been empowered by their own false narrative that those who support borders, language and culture – my motto – are evil fascists!  This is how Hitler came to power.  He used his brown shirts to beat any opponents. The media and police are almost wholly driven by this lie.”

It’s absolutely crazy to realize the world that we Trump supporters live in now. It’s “open season” on us now from people who disagree with us politically. That’s how the left operates.

According to World Net Daily, “[Savage is] pursuing felony hate-crime charges arising from political views.” Good, he should sue this man.

Why this should concern Trump supporters

As a Savage listener, I was absolutely surprised when the news broke Wednesday night. It’s amazing how those who have political opinions that others don’t agree with are putting themselves at risk in public.

Nobody deserves to assaulted in public over petty nonsense like this.

This pathetic man attacked another man twenty years older and a foot shorter. He also attacked Savage’s ten pound dog and also assaulted another citizen trying to break up the mess.

Yet he wasn’t arrested since this was simply a misdemeanor.

What the has the world come to? What happened to Western Civilization. We no longer appear Western nor do we act like a civilization.

Nobody has a clue why this man attacked, but it certainly follows the recent pattern of Trump supporters being attacked in public.

We need to realize as Trump supporters that this is the world we live in now. The left has gone mad and will no longer tolerate viewpoints other than their own.

This is a tumultuous time we live in now. It’s important to make America great again, but just be careful out there. The lunatics have lost their minds.

I didn’t want to write about this story until I listened to Savage tell his point of view on his radio show. He spoke of the incident in great length and even brought on his lawyer.

This is pathetic, and another example of intolerance in our politics. I wish Savage the best and hope him and his little poodle Teddy recover quickly.

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