Paul Ryan’s RyanCare: Obamacare 2.0

Paul Ryan along with Republican leadership have unveiled there solution to Obamacare: The American Health Care Act. Otherwise known as Ryancare. Otherwise known as Obamacare 2.0.

So Obamacare is on the chopping block. We all knew that. But this is the replacement?

Trump supporters that were fed up with the status quo do not support this, just as the liberty movement and Tea Party conservatives don’t either.

Politicians have been trying to get healthcare right for awhile now. I get that it’s a complicated issue, but surely most can agree Obamacare is not the solution.

Why do we have to repeal and replace all in the same bill? Sure, everyone and their dog agrees on the repeal. But as far the replace, there are many different ideas Republicans have.

It’s good to move fast and swiftly get to work, it’s part of who Trump is. But at the same time it’s best not to rush and make disastrous errors.

Ryancare is an effort by the Republican establishment to solve a problem that voters have begged to be solved for six long years.

But this is a hack job. It’s not what Trump supporters voted for, and it’s not what the American people truly desire right now.


I won’t call this Trumpcare. This is Paul Ryan’s plan and if it ends up failing I’d rather have his name attached to it.

It’s no secret I’ve never liked the weasel Paul Ryan and I probably never will.

So let’s point out the obvious: yes, it’s true that this bill is better than Obamacare, but is that really saying much? Anything is better than Obamacare at this point. Obamacare is imploding.

The penalty for not buying insurance that replaces the individual mandate is most punishing for low-income Americans.

It also continues the high number of minimum coverage requirements for approved insurance plans. That doesn’t create competition. Smaller competitors will continue to fall out of the market.

More successful hospitals will also continue to win thanks to the bill’s continuation of the Medicaid expansion.

This has big pharma and lobbyist greed written all over it. It’s Obamacare 2.0 and I’ll be very disappointed if this bill is the final result.

It’s almost like Paul Ryan and his constituents know that in order to get re-elected they need to live up to their promises (especially with this angry electorate).

It would look almost ridiculous if Republicans after the endlessly trying to repeal Obamacare suddenly came up short after winning the presidency, Congress and Senate.

So how to fix that in a short amount of time? Half-ass a bill just to say you got it done as you screw over the American people. Just another typical day in Washington for these scum.

Opposition to the New Bill

Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Meadows maintain in their op-ed that the Republicans on Capitol Hill want to keep several provisions of Obamacare:

 1. Leadership wants to keep ObamaCare-like subsidies to buy insurance but rename them refundable tax credits (families will be given up to $14,000 dollars of other people’s money)

2. Leadership wants to keep the ObamaCare Cadillac tax but rename it a tax on the top 10% of people who have the best insurance.

3. Leadership wants to keep the individual mandate but instead of mandating a tax penalty to the government they mandate a penalty to the insurance company (can it possibly be Constitutional to mandate a penalty to a private insurance company?)

4. Leadership wants to keep $100 billion of the insurance company subsidies from ObamaCare but call them “reinsurance”. (Why?  Because insurance companies love guaranteed issue as long as the taxpayer finances it!)

Rand Paul and others in the liberty movement have called it “Obamacare lite,” defying establishment Republicans.

Sen. Rand Paul has serious doubts about the new deal but apparently not in the new president. He’s also stated:

“President Trump has indicated look, his career in business has been about negotiating deals, my guess is he realizes this is going to take some negotiation. He seems to be very open to hearing from conservatives. He’s been inviting my input and I’m aware he’s been inviting input from different members of the House Freedom Caucus as well.”

If that’s all true, I hope President Trump really sits down and evaluates the situation for what it is and doesn’t act too quick.

We all want repeal, but for many conservatives, this wasn’t the replacement we were looking for.

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