Obama and the Deep State Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

As president Trump is trying to carry on with the beginning of his presidency, there are still leftover deep state operatives from the Obama administration trying to undermine him at every turn.

I warned you from the beginning that the battle for the heart of this country was far from over. Electing Trump was an enormous blow to the elites, but he has various obstacles to overcome now that he is the president.

The Democrats have lost their sanity with these false Russian accusations. They’ve successfully led a coup against Mike Flynn, and now they’re after Jeff Sessions.

Intelligence agencies have also sabotaged the president, as they are continuously leaking information to the public.

Presidents in the past have had problems with leaks, but there is an unprecedented battle between the presidency and the Intelligence communities playing out before our eyes.

And then yesterday, President Trump on twitter accused Obama of wiretapping phones at Trump Tower during the campaign.

You’d think this is some third-world country trying to overthrow it’s leader. But no, this is American politics and the scum Trump has to deal with.

Trump vs the Deep State

It’s time to wake up people. The evil in our government is waging war on Trump because he’s not part of their new world order agenda.

Never before have the media so openly talked about the deep state, it’s too obvious at this point. How can people not see the Democrats colluding with the deep state to take down Trump?

Some mentally-ill Democrats have already called for impeachment! After Clinton, two Bushes and Obama, we now have a real president that means well and wants this country to succeed.

At least McCarthy had genuine proof and reason to fear during his investigations. The Democrats have no proof of the Russian ties they’re trying to find with the Trump administration.

They ousted Flynn and next on the chopping block is Sessions. Who’s next? Miller, Bannon?

They know they can’t take out Trump directly so their best bet is to take out the true believers in his agenda, leaving him with nobody left but the establishment.

And the intelligence agencies are openly defying the president by illegally leaking classified information. Rogue elements in our government are now being exposed for the traitors they are.

There needs to be consequences for this. Politics aside they’re not doing their job and are hurting America’s national security.

Trump’s fight against the deep state criminals in government proves why he is the perfect man for the job. No longer will we have a puppet for president.

Trump vs Obama

Nope, Obummer isn’t gone yet.

It was recently revealed that Obama funneled billions of dollars to liberal activist groups from a shadowy Department of Justice slush fund scheme.

It’s amazing what this man got away with in his time in office, I can’t stand it when I hear his zombies claim he was a scandal-free president.

It’s one thing when private citizen and evil billionaire George Soros does this, but the federal government is not allowed to give money to activist groups.

Completely and unequivocally illegal. But just like Hillary Clinton, Obama and his petty minions will get away with this.

Obama and his former colleagues are working to undermine the new president at every chance. Even former Attorney General Eric Holder admits Obama is making a comeback to influence government.

And now, Trump claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign, and coincidentally right before his win in November.

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Who does this surprise? Seriously.

Obama expanded the NSA like no other president in history and his IRS politically targeted conservatives.

He also ruthlessly went after whistle blowers and journalists like no other, and used the Espionage Act more than all previous administrations combined.

What Can Trump Do About this?

Here’s what Trump needs to do: purge the intelligence communities and find these leakers. Find these traitors and lock them up behind bars. The law needs to apply to everyone, even those in government.

Then, he needs to fire everyone at the top. Even the ones not involved should be fired for their incompetency. No leaks of this amount should ever have taken place to begin with.

Democrats are out of control in their latest attacks. If we lose Sessions, or Miller, or Bannon, then game over. The globalists will have Trump cornered.

I said this when Trump was elected, the war has just begun. We beat the special interests and corrupt politicians in November, but that doesn’t mean they go away. The swamp still needs to be drained.

I always knew it would be a struggle, but I never anticipated for the struggle to be this early in his presidency. This level of corruption is everything you could imagine to be wrong with politics, and worse.

Only time will tell how this all plays out. We finally won back America, but the globalists aren’t through yet.

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