Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders Debate

Last night Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders faced off in debate on CNN, and it was a pretty interesting watch.

The topic at hand was Obamacare and the two couldn’t be more opposite. Cruz, often aligned with the tea party, and Sanders, often aligned with the left-wing progressives in the Democratic party.

It’s crazy to think these two were the runner ups to Trump and Hillary and were almost the nominees. If that were the case we would’ve seen more of these.

This occasion is somewhat unusual for a number of reasons. I can’t remember the last time two sitting senators had a TV debate. And the debate was just for the sake of debate, not just for the sake of a campaign, which is nice.

Well, maybe for Cruz could benefit from this when he runs for president again (and believe me, he will). But the communist is about to die any day now, he sure won’t run for president again.

It was an actual debate. No I’m not out of my mind. A serious debate between two senators took place in America, it’s a miracle. No zingers, no gotchas, just honest debate. Can you imagine what the 2016 election would’ve been like if we had more of theses?

I remember telling a Sanders supporter that I liked Cruz. They rolled their eyes in disgust. I bet every Cruz supporter feels the same about Bernie. The two are almost polar opposites.

My Thoughts on the Two Senators

(Bernie Sanders by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

Like most conservatives I literally can’t stand Bernie. Every college student my age is obsessed with him but I’ve never been one to follow the pack.

The old man screams and flails his arms trying to create an illusion to people that he knows what he’s talking about. He’s really just a crazy old socialist that has absolute no clue how the economy works. Of course he doesn’t, he loves the government because he could never get a job in the private sector.

His vision of socialist countries is flawed, just as his visions of the economy and health care are as well.

I never wanted Bernie to win. Not only is he absolutely nuts, but he would’ve had a better chance of beating of Trump. Yes I admit it, he probably could’ve beaten Trump but thank the Lord that never happened.

Plus if he did win the presidency, this country would turn to full blown socialism. Hillary would’ve sold out to corporatists as she’s done all her political career. You can never believe what the witch says. Bernie, on the other hand, means every word of his distorted utopia philosophy.

On the other side, I’ve always been a fan of Cruz. He was basically my pick for the Republican nomination until Trump came around. Republican voters largely agreed with me. They were basically the final two (besides Kasich who had no business sticking around).

So as you can imagine it put me in a real awkward place when it came down to just the two of them. I knew that I would fully back and could be support either of them of they were the nominee.

They were the only two I truly liked. Kasich, Rubio and Jeb Bush! were all corrupt establishment neocon RINOs.  I even read Cruz’s autobiography during the primaries.

I ultimately leaned a tiny bit towards Trump since this was basically his only shot at the presidency in his lifetime, but I honestly liked both candidates.

So, Who Won the Debate?

(Ted Cruz by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

Cruz, hands down.

Bernie should just go away at this point. He should retire and collect more government checks.

It’s 2017, I can’t believe Democrats are still arguing for Obamacare. It’s a goner, and that’s a fact. Republicans tried desperately to get rid of it under Obama. Obviously it’s on the chopping block for Trump’s first term. Hopefully sooner than later, not 2018.

Cruz was right about Medicaid, and he was right about choice being the only way to drive down costs for all. His map during the debate was also a slick move.

However, props where props are due: Sanders was right about Cruz’s mandate example of driving a Lambo. His concept was on point but the example really fails to resonate. Even I thought he could’ve used something more practical.

It’s literally the same speech with Sanders. The rich are too wealthy, the poor are too poor, and the government will solve that. We’ve tried that, it failed. It’s currently failing.

You don’t fix a system by adding to it and making it more monstrous. As any realist would tell you, simply dismantle what’s not working and come up with a new plan. If a teacher’s class continuously fails to learn, you don’t pay the teacher more. Throwing money at a wall hoping it sticks has never worked.

I’ve never understood how anyone with a brain could think that simply spending more solves problems. Not only does going into debt not solve citizen problems, but it also doesn’t help the government either. Where’s the logic with liberals anymore? Enough of your feelings, it’s time to look at numbers for once.

The same goes for health care. Enough of Obamacare. Get rid of it and fast. It’s not affordable and it’s Obama’s legislation. That should tell you enough.

Believe me if Obamacare isn’t repealed by next years midterm, conservatives should demand for real change and shouldn’t vote for these crooks. Cruz makes a valid point that since Republicans have all the power they could ask for, they better make good on their promises.

Maybe that makes me biased as I already had a dog in this fight. So if you agree with leftists then maybe you’ll think Bernie won. But I do think that Cruz is able to articulate his point without coming across and being the disgruntled old politician. His closing remarks also blew Bernie’s out of the water, so that also helped.

His story is compelling and he appeals to the tea party conservative right in a way that the establishment sellouts never will. Ted Cruz is known for his debate performances and last night was no exception.

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