What it was like Living Under the Obama Era

(Barack Obama by Tim Kelley, licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0)

I believe that presidents set the tone for the nation and this was true for the Obama era.

Obviously you can’t blame the President of the United States for every tragedy during their time in office.

Even though the sarcastic saying thanks Obama gets a laugh out of me every time, I admit, it’s not accurate.

What is accurate is that the president has the power to change the direction of the country, for better or for worse.

The president is the representative of the country, after all, he sets the tone and agenda.

During the 2008 campaign, I was a ten year old kid in the fifth grade. My family had just moved into a town-home community and my neighbors next door, a family with kids around my same age, were black.

It was election season, and like millions of other African Americans, they were rooting for Obama.

I asked them one day why they championed Obama so much, their reply being that he’s awesome, the typical response at our age

A black president was something this country was ready for and desperately clung to. Even kids my age who knew nothing about politics fawned in awe over this mysterious figure.

It’s important to note that two distinct factors led to Obama’s decisive victory in ’08.

The first being the political climate: the abysmal Bush years left America tainted in the world’s eye and John McCain was another typical Republican that seemed no different from the president.

The second being that of Barack Obama himself: he had charming charisma and the perfect skin color to boot.

It seemed like everybody was excited about Obama. Blacks in particular finally thought they found their voice in government while the Democrats made him out to be the second coming of FDR.

The press, celebrities, everybody loved him.

His message was somewhat populist. Stop the wars, end unwarranted spying and close Guantanamo Bay.

Little did voters at the time foresee that none of those promises would be kept and everything wrong and terrible that occurred during the Bush years would not only continue, but expand during Obama’s.

Nobody dared question him, the media gave him a free pass.

Never mind the fact that he was a “community organizer”, whatever that means.

Forget about his connection with Frank Marshall Davis and the Communist Party USA.

Simply deny his connection to his former radical “pastor” Jeremiah Wright, and his hatred of whites and of America.

The entire nation idolized this first-term unknown senator.

(hope by Craig Cloutier, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

My account of growing up in the Obama era may be completely anecdotal, but I have to set the record straight on the last eight years. (before leftist revisionist history sets in.)

I grew up under this president. Somehow, I survived the Obama era.

As a survivor, here’s how it felt living under his reign:

Racial Tensions Became Front and Center

The nation’s first African-American president. A sign of progress, right?

You’d think so, but not in the Obama era.

Now that Blacks and other minorities felt they had power, it was time to flex their muscles. Under Barack Obama the notion of white privilege exponentially exploded into the mainstream.

Now that Americans elected a president due to his race, it was time for America to talk about race.

Concepts of white supremacy and systemic racism in modern America are nothing new but never before have they been so openly embraced as factual.

If you’re a not a straight white Christian male, suddenly you now feel empowered after years of oppression.

You now feel empowered because the system is stacked against you, the patriarchal white supremacist society has been holding you back.

On the other hand, if you are a straight white Christian male, you’ve probably been wondering lately, jeez what the hell did I do?

The universities, the media, Black Lives Matter militants and Obama are all to blame for the rampant hatred of whites that is now so openly embraced by society.

There was a time in America where there was nothing wrong about being white. You didn’t have to feel guilt about what your ancestors did, if they even committed atrocities in the first place.

There was a time where you didn’t have to check your privilege, a concept not tangible, one that doesn’t care if you worked hard and busted your ass your whole life, you only got to where you are because you’re a white male, stupid.

But not anymore, not in the Obama era.

Racial riots became acceptable, even popular during the last eight years, leaving many at home wondering, is this America or some god-forsaken third-world country?

(Ferguson Day 6 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

With the coming of the Obama era came the likes of Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton. All left-wing partisan hacks that use racial discrimination to their advantage.

And exactly how does the president set the tone for this absurdity? He directly contributed to the nation’s growing racial animosity.

Comments like,“If I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon,” are specifically meant to be divisive.

Even Obama himself joked that it was unfortunate that his own supreme court nominee, Merrick Garland, was a white guy.

Race relations haven’t been this bad since the 1960s, and they may even be worse now.

Barack Obama is America’s first black president; he was supposed to be a symbol that we had gotten over this crap.

Yet the country’s inner, deep, withheld racial tensions only came seeping to the forefront during Obama’s reign.

The Rise of Black Lives Matter and the Myth of Police Brutality

Is police brutality real? In some specific cases, yes.

Cops are human beings and no human is perfect.

Is police brutality as common as the media makes it out to be? Absolutely not.

During the Obama era, blacks and other minorities have been convinced that if they tangle with the law, they are more likely to be stopped or get shot, even if unarmed.

Law enforcement used to be a respectable profession, but not now.

In the Obama era, police are the enemy of the people, no longer defenders of the homeland.

Police brutality is nothing new, and this country has been outraged before by examples of real brutality, such as that of the Rodney King case.

However, now that everyone carries a phone, the world can now see injustices perpetrated by the police.

Millions of police officers around the country do good for their communities. Yet all it takes is one bad officer, or a good officer that makes a mistake, to give all cops everywhere a bad wrap.

Nobody is reporting on good police, only bad police.

The false narrative of wide-spread police brutality has been shoved down our throats from the lying mainstream media ever since the tragic Treyvon Martin case.

Follow that with the Michael Brown case and now you essentially have the new Black Panthers, “Black Lives Matter”.

No, not all lives. Because screw everybody else.

Based off the false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot,” which was disproven in court, they’re another black radical terrorist group.

Yes, these thugs are domestic terrorists, just as the Klan was.

And that piece of scum Colin Kaepernick (who takes a knee during the national anthem and wears socks depicting cops as pigs) is just as disgraceful, disgusting and repulsive.

Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

If they did, these violent thugs wouldn’t burn-down their own communities.

They’d try to stop the war-zone like violence in gun controlled Chicago, where black lives are lost everyday at the hands of other blacks.

But no, that’s not what these racist people focus their attention on.

They blame the police and they blame whitey. They demand reparations for slavery and segregation that they themselves have never experienced.

In the Obama era it seems as if every night there’s a new police shooting.

Race-this and race-that, the media solely focuses on the races of those involved.

White person shot by cop? No coverage.

Black person shot by cop? Prime-time.

I’ve grown so sick and tired of hearing about race in Obama’s society of deranged lunatics.

Right-Wing Talk Radio and the Age of Paranoia

The Obama era produced an age of paranoia.

Who exactly was this relatively new, unknown first-term senator that used to be a community organizer?

As politically aware as I was growing up, I consumed anything and everything politics. Including right-wing talk radio.

Rush Limbaugh, Micheal Savage and Alex Jones were the greatest in the business, and still are, yet they didn’t exactly make you feel comfortable under Obama’s rule.

Limbaugh would have me angry at the then-president.

Savage would convince me that the culture is lost at this point.

Infowars always spoke of a potential World War III, easily inducing the most paranoia of all right-wing outlets.

Sadly, there’s some truth to be found in all those statements: Obama was terrible, the culture might be a lost cause and we were at war during all eight years of the Obama administration.

Conspiracy theories during the Obama years were excessive.

While Donald Trump’s political career started by his demand for Obama’s birth certificate, Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2016: Obama’s America pointed to Obama’s anti-colonialism for his hatred of America.

I heard and read all the time that America would never recover under his regime, and that eventually he’ll just declare martial law.

Yes, plenty of conservatives over-exaggerated, but now that we finally found a more incompetent president than Jimmy Carter, wouldn’t you?

A long eight years under terrible leadership does that to people.

He’s Hitler.

No, he’s Mao.

No he’s flat out Karl Marx!

Born in Kenya, his real name is Barry Soetoro and his father was a Muslim communist. Secretly, he too was a Muslim.

Boy did right-wing talk radio have me paranoid at times.

Growing up as a Republican in the Obama era was rough, for political reasons and for peace of mind.

I was lead to believe he was a Marxist slowly leading the nation to full blown authoritarian-style communism.

He’s destroying the country!

Or at least that’s what they made him out to be doing. Which, honestly, was sadly true.

Leading from Behind and Lack of Leadership

The Obama era was marked by a president that lead from behind, apologized for America and made deals with terrorists.

Not to mention a president that bowed to other world leaders, which is shameful.

This country was a laughing stock during the Bush years, and the last eight years have only further tarnished America’s image abroad.

Barrack Obama never made you feel good to be an American.

Obama himself was inspiring to my generation, but he never made us feel patriotic and proud of our country. Quite the opposite, in fact.

How could you be proud of this country when our leader made America appear weak on the world stage at every corner?

One notable example being  Obama’s “red line in Syria”, in response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons in the midst of the Syrian civil war.

Newsflash: Assad called Obama’s bluff, and the United States didn’t act.

War is always a last resort, buy my god, don’t draw a line in the sand if your not willing to act when it’s crossed.

Especially as the President of the United States, leader of the free world.

This approach to leading from behind came with unintended consequences.

Putin invaded Crimea because he knew Obama wouldn’t act militarily, only diplomatically. Putin knew he could get away with the annexation of the small country, and was laughing as he did so.

And in terms of diplomacy, the Obama administration was no better than it’s empty threats.

The Obama administration negotiated with terrorists to get back traitor Bowe Bergdahl, and released five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay into the hands of the Taliban.

Yes, perfect strategy.

Give us our defected soldier and you can have your savages back, the ones that want to murder us.

And don’t even get me started on the Iran Deal, possible the worst thing to come from Obama’s time in office.

Iran vows to wipe Isreal off the map and chants “Death to America.” This is also a country that captured our sailors and mocked them, for the whole world to see.

Yet we give them $150 Billion dollars, so they promise us they won’t build nuclear weapons?

John Kerry was probably too busy falling off his bike to even attempt to make a decent deal.

Not only do we not know for certain if they’ll keep up their end of the deal, but we didn’t even get our hostages back.

Later on, the Obama administration sent the Iranians $400 million, in cash, for the five hostages. Literally ransom.

And let’s not forget President Obama’s famously-dubbed apology tour.

This is a president that visits Hiroshima, the first of any president to do so, and apologizes on behalf of America.

Why would you apologize for bombings that ended World War II and took place in the 1940s?

Only if you hated America would you do something like that.

In politics it’s all to common to demonize one another, but I have no shame when it comes to Obama.

No sane person that genuinely loves this country would’ve acted the way he did while in office.

I’ve always loved this country, but I never felt the country’s optimism and patriotism during the Obama era. It seemed as though America’s greatest days were behind us.

And you liberals thought Bush made us look bad? Please.

The Era of Terrorism, Home and Abroad

Terrorism was not a thing of the past. It grew rapidly during Obama’s time in office.

This is mostly due in part of the Obama administration’s continuation of our failed policies in the Middle East.

Trump didn’t mince words when he claimed that Obama founded Isis.

During the Obama era, drone strikes became all too common, as did arming “moderate” rebels.

This weak president couldn’t simply mutter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Why couldn’t our commander in chief perform such a simple task?

Conservatives don’t actually believe that by saying those three words the entire problem of radical Islam goes away overnight.

All we ask for is a president call terrorists by what they are, with an intent to kill them and rid the world of their ideology.

Not asking too much are we?

We fought the fascists.

We fought the communists.

Now it’s time to fight radical Islamic terrorism.

Oh wait, never mind. We aren’t even allowed to call it by what it is.

Not in the new age of political correctness.

Not only did his policies leave behind a scorched earth, but home-grown radicalism became a constant worry in the Obama era.

This narcissistic ass boldly claimed there had been no terrorist attack on US soil under his eight years of insanity.

Really? What do you classify the terrorist attacks in Fort Hood, the Boston bombing, Orlando and San Bernandino as?

Growing up in this era became scary, honestly.

You turn on the news and there’s either a BLM riot or a terrorist attack, on our soil, from our own citizen.

I’m glad the Obama era is finally behind us, I grew up under one of the worst presidents in U.S. history.

While no single defined his presidency, he sowed the seeds for cultural civil war, presided over a pathetic and faltering economy following a recession, and made America embarrassingly weak on the world stage, surprisingly weaker than when he first took office.

The Obama era was one of paranoia, civil unrest and the rise of terrorism.

I simply grew up in the wrong times, God clearly must’ve made a mistake.

Why couldn’t I have been an 80’s kid in the Reagan era? Why was I stuck with Barry and his socialism?

Many conservatives claim he didn’t accomplish enough. Believe me, this man accomplished more than enough of his agenda.

And don’t say Obama didn’t bring change.

He not only changed the direction of the nation, but also set the tone, a rather dark one.

While none of us conservatives had hope, Obama did deliver his change.

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