5 Things I Expect from Trump’s First Term

It was a good thing the American people elected Donald Trump into office, but I expect much from our new Commander in Chief.

Let’s face it, President Trump has his work cut out for him. After Obama nearly sent America off the cliff, Hillary was about to step on the gas.

No, it was a great thing, revolutionary. However, I like the rest of his supporters want him to stay true to his populist nationalistic message and not be corrupted by the influences that come with Washington.

It’s easy to say we should drain the swamp, it’s another to not get stuck in it. As a Trump supporter during the campaign and being part of this grassroots movement, I’ve recently thought about what needs to be done in order for him to get my vote again.

President Trump is not perfect, nor will he ever be when gets to work. I must say, it’s only been three days since the inauguration and I’m already liking where this new president is going. He returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the oval office and signed an executive order withdrawing the United States from TPP. There’s even talk that he’s already in discussion to finally move the U.S. Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

If he can manage to get half the things he says he wants done, he’s already a great president. For this list, I won’t add repealing and replacing Obamacare since it looks like that’s obviously going to happen. That also goes for conservative Supreme Court nominees, I’m also sure of that.

In four years time hold my feet to the fire as I will hold his. Mark this down and quote me later. As a supporter of this movement, in order for myself to stump for the Trump in 2020, here is five things I expect done or in progress by the time four years roll around.

1) I Expect Him to Start the Wall.

I actually never cared about the wall specifically, I’ve always just wanted the laws on the books to actually be enforced. The border patrol have had their hands tied behind their back during the Obama administration.

I’ve never cared exactly how to go about the solution. I just want the issue solved. However, since President Trump spoke in great lengths about “the wall,” I now want the wall done just so he can be a man of his word.

The wall has become his most iconic campaign promise. Why? Is it because finally someone is trying to tackle this issue? An issue that’s needed resolved for decades now.

I live in Southern California, a lot of immigrants are nice, hardworking decent people that just want the best for their families. Living out here, I’ve talked to just as many Hispanics as Whites, if not more.

This is really just common sense issue,  I’m sorry. Wrong is wrong and the law is the law.

In four years, it probably won’t be completely finished, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be “yuge,” but the American people want the wall. And yea, if the president could get Mexico to pay it for screwing us continually, then fine by me.

2) Incentivize Businesses By Lowering Taxes and Cutting Regulations

When I first saw Trump’s tax plan when he was a candidate, I was impressed. I like the idea of simplifying the broken tax code to just four brackets from seven. The tax rates being 12%, 25% and 33%. That’s a tax break for every American, good.

If businesses are to start growing again, we need an environment in which the government encourages job growth. Obama’s economy should’ve boomed after the ’08 crisis, but it clearly didn’t. Proving how Keynesian economics fail to produce.

President Trump’s wanted corporate tax rate of 15% also makes sense as well. If America is to compete with other nations, how are we to compete if we are the highest taxed nation in the world? It’s no wonder businesses are moving abroad.  America needs tax breaks for all citizens to incentivize entrepreneurship.

President Trump also wants to freeze regulations and do away with some of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders. We shouldn’t be considering any regulation when the economy is this weak.

The man is a business leader and clearly has that mindset for operating the government, which is what we needed.

3) Better Trade Deals That Don’t Involve “Our Stupid Leaders”

(President Trump signing an executive order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership)

This is probably as sure as repealing Obamacare. The president already withdrew us from TPP, proving he is serious and a man of his word. The issue of trade was a central theme in his campaign, I would even argue more than immigration reform. He’s been talking about this for decades.

He clearly has been studying the issue for quite some time and made a deal with Carrier to keep a thousand jobs before he even took office.

The president is also not afraid to use tariffs if needs be, and has even appointed members to his cabinet that aren’t exactly opposed to it. While I for one sure don’t want a trade war anytime soon, I don’t mind our nation paying a little more for goods if we can truly bring back the trillions of dollars parked overseas.

Trump is correct on this issue, NAFTA was a terrible globalist trade deal that hurt this country. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would’ve been just as bad, stripping away what little manufacturing we still have left.

4) Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism and Destroy Isis

I was never in favor of not letting immigrants come into the country based on a religious test, that defies the constitution. However, I am one-hundred percent behind the President’s revised position of barring immigration from countries that are known to harbor extremist and fundamental beliefs. Extremists that believe in Sharia law will not assimilate into the American way of life. Also, nobody should ever be allowed over our border unless we can identify and properly vet them. Period.

As it relates to Isis, it’s best to not act like Obama and listen to the generals, but here’s the direction I would take regarding the upcoming war about to ensue. Ally ourselves with moderate Muslim countries in the region and carry out a coalition with their help to defeat these savages. If Russia would join us they would be a nice addition, it may even be in their best interest as they’re currently backing up the Assad regime.

Enough with starting proxy wars by arming rebels we don’t know. Enough trying to create regime change in the middle-east. Both are failed policies that give the world a reason to hate us. Is Assad a bad guy and a brutal dictator? Very much so. But Syria is in the midst of a civil war and poses no great threat to the United States at this time.

Assad has not declared war on us but Isis sure has. It’s time to “knock em’ the hell out” and not retreat immediately to leave behind a vacuum. The Obama administration was horrible, especially on foreign policy.

5) Restore Patriotism by Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs

No more bowing to foreign leaders and appearing weak to the whole world. It’s time we had a president that makes our servicemen and women proud.

Can we please, please, at the very least, protect the men and women who serve when they return home. Is that so much to ask for? This issue boils my blood every time, they put everything on the line to sacrifice everything for our freedoms.

If we had no military we’d have no country, period. We have enough enemies but the reason nobody messes with us is because we are the strongest country in the world. And what happens when these heroes come back? The VA doesn’t adequately help them.

Every, 22 veterans that served our country commit suicide. Unacceptable.

President Trump was right, our country treats illegals better than we do the finest among us. I’m an optimist now that he’s in office, but I’d be lying to myself and you if I didn’t admit these problems we face. We are the greatest nation in the world, but it’s really time to start doing better.

6) Shrink the Size of the Federal Government and Balance the Budget

Yea, I know, I’m cheating. But I can dream can’t I?

Candidate Trump never spoke much on the constitution or liberty, but he did occasionally bring up the trillions added to the debt under Obama.

Capitol Hill republicans that are so called “conservative” have abandoned one of the core principles of the philosophy, which is limited government. The American people know best how to live their lives, not an elected bureaucracy. If this president truly wants to give power back to the people, he would make needed cuts to the deficit which holds us slave to other countries financially.

He has hired a freeze on federal employees except the military, so that’s a good step.

And there you have it, a simple list made from a pundit blogger and Trump supporter on what he expects after voting for him. Whether or not you agree on everything the man says, he is the best thing to happen to politics, and hopefully this country, in a very long time.

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